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Scarabs, Scaraboids and Plaques from my collection

Amenemhot I.JPG
This scarab (white steatite 1.4 cm) was found in Israel. The inscription reads: nesut bjt (King of upper and lower Egypt) In the cartouche: Se Hetep Ab Ra, throne name of Amenemhet I, the first king of the 12th Dyn. (Middle Kingdom) Below the cartouche: Amun and Ptah. The new god Amun is depicted here beside the old creator god Ptah. Petrie knows several scarabs of this type ("feathered legs") See picture with a scarab in Petrie 1917, depicting the name of Usertsen I. References: unpublished ?
A Middle Kingdom scarab from Israel (steatite 1.7 cm) See parallels in Petrie 1917, depicting private names.
A big Middle Kingdom scarab from Israel (steatite 2.1 cm), a single line thread, a nefer sign between two red crowns flanked by two ankh signs. See the scarab from Tell el-Dab'a in Bietak 2002 depicting a similar inscription. C. Mlinar dates it to the 13th Dyn.
Two amethyst scarabs from Israel (1.4 cm and 1.6 cm) Those scarabs are typical Middle Kingdom. See parallel from Megiddo dating to Middle Bronze Age II.
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