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Ancient Near Eastern Seals from my collection

This seal (hematite 1.7 cm) is very interesting. At first sight it clearly depicts an ED III scene. Note the interwoven figures and the crossing lions attacking the goats. Some details on this seal indicate, that in fact it is Early-Akkadian. Note the naked hero with cap, beard and belt - typical Akkadian. The seal demonstrates how Akkadians adopted ED III scenes and how they added own features. Boehmer (see bibliography) lists several seals with ED III scenes and an Akkadian hero, see picture with an example.
Seal impressions
This is an Early Akkadian seal (Lapis 2.1 cm). At this time the contest frieze was still the most common scene.
In contrary to the Early Dynastic seals the figures are not crossing each other and often are arranged in a symmetric order and in seperated groups. Boehmer dates this group to his Akkadian Ia period, which is the beginning of the reign of Sargon. The seal is inscribed with the name of the ancient seal owner: Lukalla. See picture with parallel seals in Boehmer 1965.
Seal Impressions
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